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I'm working at Clermont-Ferrand, France. But I'm sometimes moving.

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I'll take the time to help you in designing your tattoo. I'll suggest you to make a unique design, reflecting your intentions, your desires and your emotions (upstream or directly on your skin).


However if these are too vague, to help you clarify, I suggest you put everything on paper. Then come back regularly read, complete, scratch, scribble ... Everything is welcome: sentences, adjectives, feelings, scribbles, drawings ...

You can also bring me any other support: music, sounds, photographs, videos, books, dances etc.

Contrary, if you have too many ideas, ask yourself how you could summarize your project in one sentence.

It will allow me to feel and understand you better.


Despite my usual way of working, I remain open to all other ways of approaching the thing.

Designs are also available here.


Behind each tattoo there is our meeting. Seeing yourself is the best way to understand each other and create with you.

If you are from the region, don't hesitate to contact me to arrange a first appointment. I'm currently based at Clermont-Ferrand in France but I sometimes travel.

In any case, please write me an email detailing your ideas, your motivations, your inspirations, the location and the dimension envisaged as well as any details that you consider useful.



I leave this summary document at your disposal. It exposes the risks incurred during a tattooing act as well as the care recommended for healing.


Risks and aftercare.pdf
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